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‘Social CEOs’ in Jamaica…I found one!

Graphic: Harvard Business Review

Graphic: Harvard Business Review

In fairness there’s more than one. But the other day I was given a challenge to write a social media guide for local CEOs.

This post I published just now isn’t necessarily a guide, but attempts to outline some of the opportunities that are already available. My (brief) interaction with one CEO in particular certainly gives grounds for optimism.

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Learning from Lasco: what if your brand is next?

lasco omar mcleod tweet

All because of one tweet containing one word.

First Lasco’s Twitter account last night sent a homophobic tweet directed at Olympic gold medallist Omar McLeod. Second they claimed the account had been hacked. Third, amid a firestorm of social media backlash, they sent another apology (see above) this time acknowledging and sacking the employee responsible. Their chairman Lascelles Chin then appeared on radio this morning to apologise further.

From my experience (and yes mistakes) working for, consulting and training Jamaican companies I’m only surprised something this “OH SHIT!” never happened sooner. Surprised because few companies have taken digital seriously to prevent such a thing happening. Once we get over cussing out Lasco, and for those of us whose job it is to do better, here’s some steps to prevention:

  1. Should your brand even be on social? This is a real question: Apple doesn’t even have social media accounts for some of its main products (Mac and iPhone) so why should you, seriously? And can you actually provide a value proposition to your customers rather than retweeting photos of oxtail lunches – if the answer is “Yes” then please proceed to 2. Continue reading
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What we’ll learn at my social media workshop with CARIMAC/UWI next month

Slowly but surely in Jamaica, we’re accepting the idea that we’re living in a truly mobile world where social media can help decide the result of a general election. Meantime, businesses islandwide are trying to understand how to get more returns from mobile/social and, as the winning party did, give their brand a leg up over the competition.

Together with CARIMAC/UWI last year I did one social media workshop – and thanks to demand another one – designed to help professionals answer the same challenge to drive more results from social media. Since then I’ve gone on to do workshops for individual clients in sectors from food and beverage to finance; and continued to do my own research, such as attending last week’s Mobile Marketing Association Leadership Forum in New York to gain fresh insights from the likes of Samsung, Facebook and Coca-Cola. Continue reading