UNICEF Blog: Pick-Ni Cherry artist takes on dark secret of child sexual abuse

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Just published an interview I did with young author-illustrator-artist Kerron Clarke on the UNICEF Jamaica blog, about her illustrated novel Pick-Ni Cherry. The as-yet-unpublished novel is Kerron’s very personal attempt to warn children, families and society about sexual abuse happening within the home.

Herself a survivor of abuse, Kerron tells the story in a child’s voice, attempting to put us in the shoes of the most vulnerable and abused members of society. More than 1 in 5 Jamaican girls report forced sex. In many cases, the perpetrators aren’t strangers lurking in the dark. They are family members who are trusted and unsuspected.

Read the full interview here.

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Working with UNICEF: new Jamaica blog + Facebook Free Basics

unicef jamaica connect blog

There’s actually solutions to many of Jamaican society’s problems available right here on the island. I’m blessed that my work with UNICEF provides an opportunity to highlight some of the solutions and not just the problems.

The UNICEF Jamaica blog aims to help the organisation and its partners to generate conversations around successful programmes to benefit children that the news cycle otherwise misses out on. These programmes might be those that reduce violence against children; improve their health or expand their learning potential. Continue reading

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SEBI: purpose plus profit = transforming Jamaica

Saffrey Brown JN, Foundation General Manager SEBI

Saffrey Brown, JN Foundation General Manager

My wife was looking to buy flowers recently for someone struck down by a life-threatening illness when she found a friendly face and the right gift, a cactus, in Petals n’ Roots, a concession inside the HiLo supermarket in Ligunea, St Andrew. On the face of it this was an average transaction, but Petals n’ Roots is anything but your average business – as your purchase helps provide employment opportunities to persons suffering mental illness and donates to MENSANA, a non-profit founded to meet the needs of such persons and their families.

Petals n’ Roots is one of a growing number of social enterprises – their purpose being to create profits to meet social or environmental needs – a ‘third sector’ of the economy thriving in no small way thanks to the efforts of the JN Foundation and USAID’s Social Enterprise Boost Initiative. Continue reading